Sherwood House is situated in secure and peaceful grounds, in the heart of the leafy southern suburbs of Kenilworth. Close proximity to the doctor’s rooms of Kenilworth and Claremont; The Kingsbury Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospice, The Claremont Clinic and other professional medical institutions.


Privacy is afforded in the pleasant spacious gardens, plush interiors and a setting offering a serene retreat.

Management & Staff

All management and staff members are vetted and their references & qualifications thoroughly checked. Each member of staff is known by management which enables us to work as a team, giving continuity to the running of the facility. All staff are required to undertake CPE and attend courses at Department of Health, Department of Social Development and other organizations on an ongoing basis.


All residents and staff are vaccinated against COVID-19.


Sherwood House is fortunate to be able to train its own Nursing Care Team and those of other similar homes. We employ professionals who have special experience with care-giving and with the elderly. We recognise the importance of quality of service to both residents and family members.



Each resident’s requirements are carefully considered and an individual assessment is made from the comprehensive admission form, medical records and liaison with other professional services, which form part of the integral process in our arranging the right type of care.



  • Private rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Private rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Semi-private rooms (2 sharing)
  • Frail-care facilities with 24 hour nursing care
  • Private rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Private rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Semi-private rooms (2 sharing)
  • Frail-care facilities with 24 hour nursing care


There are spacious well-appointed lounges – complete with television sets and a small library which is ideal for entertaining family and friends.


The dining rooms are bright and cheerful, making dining a social hour.


There are attractive en-suite bedrooms which can have private direct dial telephones and TV’s, should they be required.


Visitors, family and friends are encouraged to pop in – visiting hours are not enforced. This is to facilitate the friendly and warm environment that we have created (please note this is subject to management discretion during current COVID-19 restrictions).


  • 24 Hours nursing care & assistance by qualified and trained staff
  • Special dietary arrangements are catered for
  • Full board is provided – breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus teatimes – mornings and afternoons
  • Laundry on premises
  • Flexible visiting hours are encouraged for family and friends


  • Hairdressing salon
  • Private physiotherapist
  • Private podiatrists
  • Pilates classes
  • Free financial advice by qualified consultants


Medical aid groups will in some cases, by prior agreement, cover the nursing portion of the nursing care fees of temporary patients. In respect of certain medical conditions the costs of staying at Sherwood House are allowable for tax and receipts are issued for this purpose.

General Info


Choosing a quality Nursing Home for yourself or a family member can be difficult. Here are some observations of what to look for in order to find out what separates an excellent nursing home from an ordinary one.


The best nursing homes, offer a full array of nursing and personal assistance, dietary, therapeutic, social and recreational services. Meals, laundry, housekeeping and medical services should be provided:

  • Ask to read or view letters written and testimonials from family members and professionals.
  • Proper experience and training with Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
  • A location that suits the residents and makes it convenient for regular visits by family and friends.
  • Proficient management, qualified administrators and carers.
  • Ask to read or view letters written and testimonials from family members and professionals.
  • Proper experience and training with Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
  • A location that suits the residents and makes it convenient for regular visits by family and friends.
  • Proficient management, qualified administrators and carers.


  • Safety features such as handrails in hallways, grab bars in bathrooms and other features aimed at preventing accidents
  • Clearly marked and unobstructed paths to the exits
  • Communication systems, such as intercoms to the nurse’s station
  • All nursing homes must comply with fire safety regulations, such as smoke detection and alarm systems
  • Bedrooms that open onto a corridor and have windows, as required by law
  • A lawn and garden area for residents to get fresh air and a policy that encourages residents to get outside
  • Connections making it possible to have a private telephone, Wifi and TV
  • One or more activity areas or designated areas for residents who are able to get involved in reading, TV and social activities
  • No heavy odours, whether pleasant or offensive, a good home will not use highly scented sprays to mask odours
  • Hallways wide enough to permit wheelchairs to pass with ease and wheelchair ramps for access into and out of the home
  • Kitchens that are well managed, with planned menus, separate food preparation, garbage and keep perishable foods refrigerated
  • An attractive resident dining room with tables convenient for wheelchairs and meals that look appetising and are nutritious
  • Toilet and bathroom facilities to accommodate wheelchair residents


This is an important factor – one needs to get the ‘feel’ of the home.


One must consider language, religion and socio-economic background, all of which play an important part in the changed style of living. There is no place like one’s own place in friendly familiar surroundings, with an accustomed routine.


With careful care and planning, concern for safety and well being which should involve much communication to create choice and self-determination. Support and trust are essential elements in the process, which should be viewed and embraced positively and optimistically.


  • Access to doctors and medical facilities for any emergencies.
  • Skilled and qualified members of staff.
  • A friendly and available staff that is pleasant, caring and accommodating to residents and visitors.
  • The residents, who are well groomed and dressed appropriately for a full day of activity and social interaction, will reflect the quality of the personnel.
  • The management will be able to give information and advice on access to professional services. Medical care, Occupational Therapy, Financial and Legal Advice. Tax information, e.g. fees are allowable as a deduction against income tax, up to a certain amount.


“Thank you very much for all the loving care you bestowed on RS. We were truly blessed to have her in Sherwood House”

- A, R, S, & ES

“This is a small token of M and my appreciation for everything that you did for our mother. Everyone concerned was so kind and caring and went far beyond their call of duty”

- BS

“Dear Mrs McLachlan, thank you and your staff for all the love and care which B. received during her stay at Sherwood House”

- TB

“Dear Brenda and everyone who cared for my Dad and thank you for the T.L.C. and kindness given to him”

- AM

“Our very sincere thanks for the loving care that you always gave our Mom. We always felt that she was in the best possible hands and really appreciate everything that you all did for her. With fond love”

- J & P

“Thank you once again for your love and kindness shown to her family, friends and most importantly, our mother” “To all at Sherwood House. Your tenderness, love and dedication to our wonderful mother, will always be remembered”

- M & R

“I have been staying with you for a month and wish to thank everybody very sincerely for the superlative service I received from everybody”

- Mrs. H W

“I wish to express our most grateful thanks and appreciation to the Sherwood House nursing sisters and staff for their most kind and generous attention. The smiling and cheerful faces of the staff, I am sure was an important factor that made my mother’s stay a comfortable and pleasant one”

- DR

“Thank you for all your kindness and excellent care. My sister was cared for in an environment which was homely and this must have helped”

- M H – Scotland



The famous botanist Dr Harry Bolus built the original historic manor house at the turn of the century. The house is typical of the grand Victorian mansions that started blossoming in the 1870’s in Cape Town’s fashionable southern suburbs.


Dr. Harry Bolus developed the property which acquired its name, “Sherwood”, from the forests surrounding it, has undergone little structural change since it was built and still retains its Victorian grandeur and many of its original fittings. The house is steeped in history. The builder Harry Bolus made his fortune as a stockbroker (his company Bolus Brothers, was South Africa’s first stock-broking company). He devoted much of his time to botany, which was his hobby. Harry’s two sons furthered their father’s botanical interests and it is likely that they planted some of the trees in the Sherwood garden. A self-taught man, his main fields of research were in Erica and orchids. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of the Cape of Good Hope for his contribution to Botany. He is still identified with UCT today, where the chair of Botany is named after him and to which he bequeathed his remarkable herbarium of some 600 000 species. The well-known family, the Van der Bijls, lived in Sherwood House for many years and the socialite Renee Ovenstone was born within its walls.


Sherwood House Nursing Home, embarked on a major project to build new wings. First class care, security and peace of mind in a superb environment were the objective. It was necessary to obtain the approval of the planning department who had to be satisfied that the additional buildings would not impact adversely on the area, especially as the original house occupied such a prominent location. The design of the new wing was of major concern because it was necessary to complement the original existing property and was to be built in the same style. The complimentary design, which is a magnificent example of a modern building in a classical style and proportion was built and completed in 1997.


Some of the vines originated as a cutting from the Stellenbosch farm of the famous Cape politician and wine connoisseur Paul Sauer. Stones incorporated in the stoep originally came from the old dwelling quarters of the historic Papenboom estate in Wynberg. The house still retains many of the original fireplaces. The existing paintings and antiques lend character to this well established home.


Truly a fine “Home” for our residents and their families to be proud of.

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